Here is where you book your spot for H(G)appenings online or live outdoor yoga.

Online is a minimum of €5 and if you are joining us live in the park it is a minimum of €10.

Please give more if you can.

All proceeds go to this week's selected Charity.


Thank You


H(G)appenings x


Happenings are Ireland's premier outdoor yoga and open air cinema event organisers.

We concentrate on events that have social and environmental impact.

We work with brands and charities.


During these strange days of Covid 19 and for the purpose of these fundraisers,

we are calling ourselves Gappenings. Mind that gap.



LIVE from Dartmouth Square

(Minimum of €10 Donation)


The government has shut down safe organized well being for all, yay, we love this approach. Sorry everyone, no more well being events until further notice. See you all deeper into this hole that we are being made dig for ourselves. Stay well.